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Home Services

Professional organization, meal prep, laundry wash and fold and more.

Errand Running

Need help with groceries? Don't want to pick up your Dry Cleaning? Or maybe you need a few items returned. We can do that!

Personal Assistance

HandyGirl Concierge offers a full suite of personal assistant services. Whether you’re a busy Mom, a small business owner, or a corporate powerhouse, we’re here to help you manage your time more effectively.


Happy home, Happy Life

“For Every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned” -Benjamin Franklin

Why it Matters

The disorder of everyday things in our life can create a sort of chaos in our mind. An unsettling of things. When we remove that feeling, we open up more space to enjoy our daily life! Learn More.

The first step

Let us help you take the first step! Sometimes all you need is a little help getting starting and finding a direction. Other times, its a task that is too overwhelming. Whether a client needs a plan and a little help at the beginning, or if they need us to complete the organization from start to finish, we are there in whatever capacity is needed.

Service Management

Because you have things to do

Not a fan of the 8:00 am to 12:00 pm service window? Hate that you have to miss work or miss something even worse (as in, actually fun)? Not only will we do that for you, but we can help you find the PERFECT company or service provider to the work as well. 

it never really ends...

Managing your home is endless. There’s the cable, the furnace, the house cleaners, the sprinklers, the carpets…. and that’s when everything is working! Add appliance repairs, plumbers, and electricians… well, we’re tired just thinking about it.

the perfect fit

You might already have the BEST. But if you don’t, we will help you find the provider that is right for you! We know that means different things for everyone- that’s why we research and provide a list of the best options available so that you can decide who you want to trust in your home.

Errand Running

Time is Everything

Ever feel overwhelmed and short on time to get to the store, or drop off that mail? Running around doing “busy work” is a serious time suck. Time to delegate!

Where can we go for you?

Sky’s the limit. Gift shopping, personalized groceries, shopping returns, dry cleaning, post office, you name it. 

free your day

While we do all the running, you can literally go running on your lunch break! Or catch up on work. Or take a nap. 

Meal Prep

The reality

“Who knew that the hardest part of being an adult would be figuring out what to cook for dinner every.single.night…. for the rest of your life?”


Whether you already know what you like to eat, or need help finding some options, we do it all. The benefits of meal prep are endless. We can plan meals around your macros, or prepare all your family-favorites. After a long day, you’ll have meals waiting for you to heat up and serve!


From meal-planning around your needs, to shopping, prep, cooking, cleanup, and packaging!

It's the Little Things...

Life's Mundane Chores

The laundry is piling up, the holiday decorations should already be out, that party I’m throwing will be great if I get to enjoy it…

Life is Busy. We can help.

Often we find ourselves at a clients house waiting for a service professional (that lovely 4-hour window) so that our clients can continue on with their day un-interrupted.  While we are there, we strive to tackle as many other little things as we can for you!

Saving time, one Denverite at a time

Time to be with family, or to be doing what is meaningful seems to get harder and harder every day. Get in touch and see how we can help you!

Need help, but not sure if we do that?

for all of our services

Everyday we tailor our work to the client; we understand that everyone’s life is different, just as their needs are. Please reach out to us and let us know what you need.

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