An Organized Life

Most of us look around and realize that only a handful of aspects of life are “together” at any one time. The problem is that as soon as you concentrate on getting one area of life organized, the other areas that seemed to be doing well fall apart again. That said, there is nothing like the feeling of walking through the house and seeing that everything is in order. Even if it only lasts a short time.

Staying organized means that your life inevitably runs smoother. Not only do you save time, but you don’t waste energy trying to find something you lost, remember an appointment you wrote on a post-it that mysteriously vanished, or just sifting through the pile of chaos. There’s even science to back this up! This is what makes HandyGirl so valuable. What if some of these aspects of life were already taken care of? How much time would you have for other things? How much time saved?

If we visualize a typical day, and think about how much time and energy is devoted to things like:

  • Where did I put my… ?
  • What time was I supposed to… ?
  • I’ve got to find something else to wear because…
  • I have to call XX company because I can’t find the letter they sent about…
  • I have to reschedule my meeting because I double-booked myself…

The list could go on. For the majority of us, we’re so busy, that a good part of our day is wasted trying to stay on top of everything. It’s one step above all-out damage control.

Hence the expression:

A place for everything, and
everything in its place

Organizing is just one of the many services we provide to clients. Here are some ways that HandyGirl can take some of these stressors over for you:

  • The Kitchen- I would say the most important part of the house. This is why when you have a party, every.single.person. is congregating in it! It is so helpful when the pantry is easy to find things in, is void of expired foods, and your pots and pans are easy to grab. At the same time, these areas fall into chaos so, so fast. And, if you dislike the time it takes to cook a meal every night, maybe that’s another thing to delegate!
  • Clothes closets- The same thing can be said about how quickly these areas can fall into disarray. What if you had someone that could re-organize, switch seasonal clothes, generate giveaway piles, and fold everything back exactly the way you like it? Imagine how much simpler getting ready- for anything- would be!
  • Home Office- we’ve all been there… the mail just keeps piling up on the corner of the desk, filing hasn’t been done in ages… then one day you actually need that paperwork that came in the mail or that license plate registration card and you waste a good half hour tracking it down and making a bigger mess in the process.
  • Storage Areas- These areas are everywhere, right? Garage, basement, spare rooms, spare closets… These are the “I’ll just shove this here for now” spaces. Think about how many things are now shoved into these spaces. How much of it isn’t even needed? How much of it is wanted, but impossible to get to because of all the other stuff?
  • The Intangible- These are things that aren’t piling up in areas of your house. It’s the little things like scheduling the sprinkler shut-off, getting the HVAC company in to check your furnace before the cold weather strikes, and it’s the broken light fixture in the kitchen ceiling driving you crazy but you just haven’t found time to get someone out to look at it. We do this too! This is part of our Service Management work, and it is one of the most helpful (and most popular) things that we do for our clients.

A happy home is a happy life, and when you come home to piles of papers, can’t find the spice you need for dinner, or can’t walk through the basement, that’s a stressful home, not a relaxing one. HandyGirl can Help! We would love to hear from you

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