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If you’re looking for more free time, feel overwhelmed by the state of your life, dream of saving your time off work for something meaningful, or have always wondered what it would be like to have a personal assistant, HandyGirl is here to make that happen!

Check out this list of the biggest life stressors at home. We can help with almost every single one! Take a look at what we can do to make your life easier and click below to learn more.

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Clutter Smothers... Simplicity Breathes.

Errand Running

Get more of your time back. Let us take care of your chores.

Service Management

Let us take care of the services that keep your home happy and healthy.

Meal Prep

Home cooked, ready to eat meals, without the price of a personal chef.

Home Management

Laundry clean & fold, light yard maintenance, vacation check-ups, and more...

Specialty Services

Event management, travel planning, research, holiday decorating and gift wrapping, and more!

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Is Meal Prep Worth It?

With rising food costs, and increasingly hectic schedules, there are multiple reasons to consider letting HandyGirl take care of your daily menu!

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