Is Meal Prep Worth It?

Consider this. Health is huge. And food is expensive, especially right now! We believe one of the most helpful services we take on as HandyGirls, is Meal Prep.

A new Oxfam study recently completed revealed that the diet of people around the world is changing primarily due to rising food prices. This study shows us that we tend to sacrifice healthy choices in the short-term to save money, but at least in our country, there’s another reason health is sacrificed: time and convenience. What if you didn’t have to sacrifice because you had someone else to do the heavy-lifting?

It seems to me that humans in general require an immediate response to choices they make. When people make unhealthy choices about the food they’re eating, they may be shaving off $50 a month in food costs, but eventually that $50 will be spent either on expensive restaurant meals, or down the road in health care costs.

Consider the typical HandyGirl client: busy, short on time, and generally in need of making life easier. If you had ready-to-go healthy meals, would you still go out and grab something quick and potentially unhealthy? 

Those expensive meals out add up and eventually, that money would have covered the healthy meals prepared for you! 

Here are some of the biggest reasons Denver hires HandyGirl to cook for them:

  • Tired of the expense of take-out
  • Dietary restrictions. It’s not always that easy to find convenient alternatives.
  • A health goal. Want to lose weight? Want to try Paleo, or focus on macros without the legwork of planning? We can do that.
  • Family. Who wants to feed kids take-out or go out to eat every-night when there is homework, music lessons, and gymnastics practice?
  • Preference- people like to know what is in their food and where it’s coming from!

Whether it’s about dietary needs, saving money, or wanting to know where you’re food is coming from, let HandyGirl take the work off your plate (pun intended).

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