All the Little Things… that are big things

Often, it’s all the little stuff that adds up over time and then you find yourself overwhelmed, and realize all these little things ARE the big things! Here’s a look at a few other ways that people take advantage of our help!

Planting flowers

Outdoor Spaces

We can design, pickup, and plant your flowers for summer!

Need some help getting caught up on the weeds in your flower beds?

Or maybe you’re heading out of town for a week… We can come water your plants, manage the mowing crew, or whatever might be needed!

Event Management

Let us help manage your event, so that you can enjoy it!

  • Shopping
  • Decorating/Set-Up
  • Restock items during event
  • Tear-down/Clean-up
Event management
Pet walking and feeding

Pet Services

Need help with your fur kids? We have a range of services to help!

  • Feeding
  • Walking
  • Vet appointments
  • Research best overnight pet sitters
Angeleen & Cassandra

Don't see what you need? Ask us!

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