Errand Running


Errand Running

Errands can be a drain on your time. Whether you spend your daily lunch hour getting them done, or save them all up for the weekend, they’re almost never fun. The great thing about errands though, is you don’t have to do them yourself. Well, most of them! HandyGirl Concierge can single-handedly turn your free time into what it was meant to be: free! Here’s a list of our most popular errand running services:

  • Personal grocery shopping
  • Gift shopping, wrapping, and even delivery
  • Car cleaning, servicing (e.g. waiting for an oil change)
  • Dry cleaning pickup and drop off
  • Charitable donations- pickup and drop off
  • Courier Services
  • Lunch or coffee delivery
  • Pick up or mail UPS, FedEx, and regular mail packages

The list goes on, but just about anything you need to get done we can probably do for you! If you’re not sure, just ask!

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